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Women Who Work: In Product Design

Hello Everyone!  Today, I'm excited to share the second installment of Women Who Work. As I explained in my first Women Who Work post , the purpose of this series is to be a  place for both women (and men) to explore and learn about different career paths, get insight from early careerists  killing it  in their respective fields and highlight amazing women who I respect greatly! Julie is one of my oldest friends from elementary school days. She has always challenged me with new perspectives and her drive for excellence and innovation has always inspired me. Julie is one of those people that you knew would be highly successful and has always seemed to have a clear career trajectory (We all knew Julie would end up in some kind of tech industry!). Hunter and I recently went to visit Julie and her fiance, Kevin, in Pittsburgh and it was eye-opening to see a new city and her innovative work space.  Thank you and Welcome, Julie! How did you learn about human computer

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