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Successful Strategies for {Really} Being Out of Office

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm coming to you with a quick post, because I am packing and getting ready to go on a TWO-WEEK vacation. I am so excited. Hunter and I head off on our trip to England and Ireland this Friday and we are thrilled to be taking this adventure together.

As some of you may know, my family is originally from England, so other than my parents, myself, one cousin, one of my sisters and her two daughters, the rest of our family is spread throughout England, Scotland (and Africa).

I'm lucky enough to being seeing many of my family members for the second time in a year since many of them traveled to my wedding in December. Often we have to go two years without seeing each other, so I feel very grateful that we can make the trip this summer to spend some time with them. We will also be playing tourist in Ireland with trips to both Dublin and Galway. I will definitely do a trip recap when we return!

With that being said, I will be off of work and signed off from the blog…

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