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Resume Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Hi Everyone!

Long time no blog!! Well a few weeks to be exact, but it feels like a long time. As I mentioned if you follow me on Instagram, Hunter and I are in the middle of our first time home buying process. That craziness coupled with a very busy time at work with an upcoming project deadline has my head spinning! I am looking forward to getting back into a better workout, eating and blogging routine very soon!

I encourage you to follow me on Instagram, because I update my Instagram Stories almost every day between blog posts with tips, polls and fun updates.

Today, I wanted to hop on with a quick post about resumes. Whether you have just completed a big project and want to update your resume while it's fresh in your memory or you are ready to apply for a new job, it is important to update your resume the right way.

The process of creating or updating a resume can feel overwhelming when you first get started, but here are my top tips for how to make your resume stand out!


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