First Post (and Blog Title Insights)


I'm Charlotte. Back in my early college years, I tried my hand at blogging (mostly to update family and friends about my personal life and to document my study abroad).

After a multi-year hiatus from blogging, re-reading my old blog reminded me how much I loved writing and having a creative outlet that I could call my own. I realized having this kind of outlet is more important than ever once you start a career.

I am a twenty-something year-old health care administrator trying to navigate the post-graduate work place, all while striking some degree of work-life balance.

Speaking of "life", let's see if I can give a quick 5-year recap of what I've been up to:
  • I graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, after switching majors from Communications to Hospitality & Tourism Management/Business Administration.
  • After a few internships in Event Planning and Management, I decided the nights, weekends and holiday schedule wasn't for me.
  • I stumbled upon an internship in an upscale retirement community which introduced me to the healthcare administration field.
  • I was accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina to pursue a Master's in Healthcare Administration.
  • I met some of the most amazing friends in that program, while keeping some of the best friends a girl could ask for from high school and college!
  • I have crazy British parents who make my life a lot more fun.
  • I had a relatively new boyfriend, Hunter, that I used to reference in my early college blog.  This quote pretty much sums it up "With this guy, things always seem to fall into place. I couldn't be luckier." -Charlotte circa 2011
    • Well things did work out, Hunter and I have been together for eight years and we are engaged to be married on December 30, 2017. We are thrilled!
  • Hunter and I have two adorable kitties, Petey and Frankie. I'm an unapologetic cat lady 😻
  • Last May after 6 years in Charleston, Hunter and I made the move to Winston-Salem, NC where we both ended up with great healthcare administration jobs at a highly-esteemed health system.
  • We have made Winston our home, thanks to incredible neighbors, friends and co-workers.
  • We hope to buy our first home sometime in 2018!  

Well, that is hardly a short summary, but a lot has happened in 5 years! Can't wait to see what happens over the next few years and I hope you will come along for the ride.

Oh and what is the blog title about? You are a young professional in the health care field? Well, yes. What about the heels? My friends will read the title and likely hit the floor. If you know anything about me, you know I don't wear heels. I have tried wedges, platforms, espadrilles, four inch stilettos and the occasional kitten heel (no judgment zone), in which I typically last an hour or two tops. 

Healthcare and Heels embodies the confidence that a woman in heels and a great tailored suit with a tall cup of coffee exudes. I want to continue to develop my confidence and skills as a young professional woman, while sharing my life, lessons I've learned and inspiration I find... with you! 

With heels or without...👠


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