Highlight Heel of the Week

Hello Again!

Since I decided to name this blog, Healthcare and Heels, I figured I should probably mention heels every once and awhile. As I had mentioned in my first blog post, I am not an avid heel-wearer. I wish I was that girl. With a closet full of gorgeous heels, strutting her stuff in the halls at work, elongated legs and all!

But alas, I'm in flats typically. And I own it. Oxfords, sneaker-esque lace ups, penny loafers, mules, I can be seen in all of the above. But I'm still working on developing a repertoire of comfortable (or at least bearable) heels.

Before we dive into the heel of the week, let me first discuss my latest obsession...mules. I wasn't too familiar with the mule, but I came across these gems at Target recently (their shoes are surprisingly high quality).

I wear these to work with tailored pants and a blazer and I also dress these down with slouchy boyfriend jeans and a crisp white shirt. They are comfortable and versatile.

Ok now back to the heels. The pair below is honestly the first heels I have ever owned that were immediately comfortable. No break-in time, no blisters, no switching to flats a few hours into a wedding or event.

I have worn these to weddings, my engagement party and bachelorette, and even the occasional after-work event. They can be dressed up or down and are extremely affordable! 

That's all I have for tonight! I have a 7am meeting in the morning, but at least it will be Friday!

What is your favorite pair of heels? 


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