Sunday Scaries (and How to Combat Them!)

Happy Monday!

Sunday Scaries...interesting phenomena that I didn't know much about until I started working full-time.

Of course, I would get them to some extent in high school, college and graduate school, but there wasn't a name for them back then. You would feel bummed that the weekend was over, but it was OK!

Three-week long Christmas break was only a few days or weeks away. Or you didn't have class until noon on Mondays with no classes on Fridays. Or maybe you only interned in the afternoons, so it wasn't that bad.

I had a big reality check when I started working. Not only did I start working 40-50 hours per week, but I had very little time off!

So you're telling me, I have to pay all of my bills, work full-time, take care of pets, clean the house, cook healthy meals, workout several times a week AND maintain a social life?!

It was a lot to take in at first. Can I get an AMEN? Being an adult is so hard.

Slowly, it got more manageable and even enjoyable! Working, making your own money and getting into a routine can feel empowering.

Although the working world has gotten a whole lot less scary, Sundays still inevitably come with some frights, when you realize you have no groceries, many loads of laundry and a presentation on Monday.

Here are a handful of ways that I destress and combat the Sunday Scaries each week:

  • When at all possible, I do my laundry and grocery shopping on Saturday or even Friday. Having these two weekend chores out of the way by Sunday immediately buys back so much time and peace of mind.
  • I try and get in a workout on Sundays. Usually something light, like a long walk in my neighborhood with Hunter or swimming some laps at our gym. Getting some exercise after potential over-indulging throughout the weekend gives me a fresh start for the week.
  • Start writing your to-do list for Monday (earlier in the day, not right before bed like I do sometimes...). Having an idea of what you want to accomplish the next day will empower you to face the week head-on.
  • Cook a healthy, but easy meal. We love homemade burrito bowls with ground chicken in this household! Super easy to whip up, filling and healthy.
  • Take a bath, light some candles, and take a few moments to yourself
  • Brew some herbal tea (decaffeinated!)- Hunter and I love making tea. Our favorite right now is a lemon, jasmine green tea.
  • Go to bed early (I struggle with this). There is nothing worse than starting at the ceiling at midnight on a Sunday, calculating how many hours of sleep you are going to get!
  • Lastly, whenever possible, I try to block Monday mornings on my calendar to avoid important meetings during those first few hours of the week. It is nice to have a couple hours at your desk to get organized, plan your week, answer emails and (of course) drink coffee.
And those are my tips! I am constantly working on developing a work-life balance that fulfills me personally and energizes me to be my best self in my career as well.
How do you combat the Sunday Scaries?


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