Ten Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Hi Everyone! 

The Thanksgiving holidays got the best of me and I went a few weeks without posting. I have so many good ideas for this blog and I'm excited to dive head first into blogging in the new year. 

With the holidays and my upcoming wedding (26 days to go!), I find that my evenings are fairly preoccupied at the moment. 

With that being said, I am constantly jotting down blog posts idea, so look out for much more new content post-wedding and honeymoon! 

I thought I would do a quick piece on my few ways I'm staying on track with my health and fitness during the holiday season. This is especially important since my wedding is so close!

Anyone who works in an office knows how hard it can be to stick to healthy habits. There is always something in the break room. Donuts, coffee cake, cookies, sandwiches from a meeting, etc. People are always "craving" something. Not to mention, my organization has a Chik-fil-a in the hospital (with milkshakes!?). So it is very hard! 

Don't get me wrong, I am no saint. Last week, my office had a "Post-Thanksgiving" potluck, and I did make a small plate. Through the months of wedding prep in an office setting, I have learned a few tips and tricks to staying healthy!

  1. Prep, Prep, Prep! Make a list of healthy items and have at least four home-cooked dinners in mind. Grocery shop on Sundays (or Saturdays...more on this in my Sunday Scaries post)
  2. Bring healthy snacks to work. I like to bring two pieces of fruit (bananas and apples) for breakfast or afternoon snack. If I'm going to work out after work, I'll also bring a greek yogurt and berries. 
  3. Have some emergency stores ready when hunger strikes. I have almonds, a few Lara bars (fig-based bars, some types are even approved on the Whole 30) in my desk when I really want a holiday cookie from the break room.
  4. Make adjustments to your workout routine. It might not be possible to keep your exact workout schedule during the holidays when there are frequent holiday parties and get-togethers. I have found that throwing in an early morning workout or two every week has been helping me stay on track. If I can't make it to the gym, I will at least go on a run in my neighborhood or a long walk after dinner with Hunter.
  5. Try and avoid high-calorie holiday drinks during work hours. It is so tempting to get a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks a few times a week, but those calories can add up! It's worth a splurge every once in awhile, but instead I have researched lower calorie options that still help get me in the holiday spirit. The Holiday Spice Flat White with skim milk is my jam right now. 
  6. It seems like every day someone has baked some holiday treat to share at work. It is hard to always say a flat-out no thank you, but you can do it! Once you get comfortable saying no, it becomes easier. Another trick I use is I don't say no but I take a few bites and then throw the rest away. That way, I can take part in the office celebrations without ruining my diet. 
  7. If you have a fun holiday party or Friendsgiving coming up and you want to enjoy the food, plan ahead! If I know I have a big event later in the day, I'll eat a light breakfast and/or lunch and will even eat light the day before. If you consistently eat healthy in your weekly routine, you can still enjoy special occasions without ruining your progress.
  8. Choose activities with friends that do not always center around food. My friends and I love to go to Saturday morning yoga and then go get a manicure as an alternative to lunch or dinner.
  9. Don't let a one-night splurge turn into a two-month event. If you have an indulgent night, get a workout in the next day and stay on track.
  10. Finally, don't beat yourself up if you do take part in one too many holiday treats. It is always a balancing act during the holidays and it's important to not feel guilty or shameful to the point that you give up on your healthy lifestyle entirely. You got this! 

And that's pretty much it! I am by no means perfect, but I am going into the holidays (and my wedding month) confident that I can make healthy choices.

Hunter and I before a holiday fundraising event this past weekend!

What's your tip for staying healthy through the holiday season?


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