Highlight Heel of the Week v.2


I'm back with the second volume of Highlight Heel of the Week.

I am liking the idea of having various series that I keep up with on the blog on a regular schedule.

I've been thinking about starting two additional series: Women Who Work and Little Moments.

Women Who Work will be a series that highlights career women in different industries---real estate, logistics, technology design and development, healthcare, banking, non-profits, and etc! And those are just some of my best friends' professions off the top of my head!

I love the idea of doing mini-interviews with women in various fields to help my readers learn about different career paths and also to highlight women who are killing it in their respective fields!

I have recently told some of my close friends about the blog, so if you are reading this don't be surprised if I ask you to be featured on Healthcare and Heels in the near future!

My other series idea, Little Moments (TBD if I keep that name), will be about finding moments for wellness in the day-to-day craziness. This series would feature products, apps, activities and ideas that I have found helpful in creating more balance in my life (which is still a huge work in progress).

Ok back to the series at hand!

I have recently picked up a new pair of heels that get my seal approval for quality, comfort, affordability and overall style (comfort and style don't always seem to go hand in hand...)

I stopped by Rack Room Shoes the other day to pick up some new workout shoes and decided to peruse the heels section. I have been looking for a reliable pair of black pumps that I could wear to an upcoming conference where I will be presenting. Conferences and interviews are the one time I feel like I have to wear heels, although I would like to try wearing them to work more often as well.

I tried on this pair of Naturalizers (not the most glamorous name) and they were immediately comfortable in the store. My mom randomly worked in a shoe store for a few weeks as a teenager and she has always told me if the shoes aren't comfortable in the store, they probably won't be comfortable at home. Although I haven't found this to be true 100% of the time, I'm typically disappointed when I think I'll have luck breaking in a pair of shoes that were tight and uncomfortable in the store.

This pair of heels comes in at an impressive 2 1/2 inches in height, but surprisingly doesn't look too much like a kitten heel. I also saw when I searched online that they come in a variety of other colors and textures like faux suede and metallic leather for those who like to live on the wild side. 

With a price tag of 48-59 dollars and I believe I got mine for 50% off, you can't beat it! 

I'll still probably slip them off under my desk and complain after an hour of wearing them, but that's a conversation for another day!



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