Mindful Moments v.1

Hi friends!

After a long weekend and taking Monday off, it's feeling like a Sunday right about now, and I'm needing to get into a good headspace for the rest of the week.

It's a chilly March evening with a random North Carolina 1-2 inch snow storm to throw in the mix. Is it Spring yet?!

All this weather makes me want to do is brew a cup of herbal tea (have a cup in hand as I type...) and to draw a hot bath.

On Sunday (or Monday) nights when the week ahead is looming and your to-do list is a mile long, a bath always helps me relax and enjoy the last few moments of my weekend. This is especially needed after weekends like this past one, where we traveled to and from SC, attended a wedding, visited family and were on the run nonstop.

As I write this post, I am also perusing Lush Cosmetics and placing an online order because I realized I am running low on bath products.

Prior to stumbling across Lush products a few years ago, I was never a bath taker. I have always preferred showers. As I began working, I realized it was more important than ever to carve out moments for yourself to re-center, relax and have "me time".

In my "Mindful Moments" series, I will highlight different ways I make time for myself and the products, activities, apps, or books that help me do that!

Ok before I hop off to take a bath and read my new book, here are my top Lush picks. Lush Cosmetics products are all made of high quality, natural ingredients that are ethically-sourced and they never test on animals. Their products are all hand-made and I always think its the cutest that the label tells you who made your product with an animated picture of the Lush worker and the date they made the product.

Bath Bombs are one of Lush's claim to fame. They are so much fun to use. You dissolve them in water and they fizz and pop and turn your bath water different colors while moisturizing your skin.

The Twilight and the Butterball are a few of my top bath bomb choices for relaxation. The lavender scent in the Twilight bath bomb almost puts me to sleep every time. The Butterball has a sweet vanilla scent and tons of cocoa butter to hydrate the skin.

They also have a mix of other products if you want more or less bubbles. Bubble bars can be run under water to create a bubble bath, while a bath oil just melts essential oils into the water without the bubbles and fizzing of a bath bomb or bubble bar.

I am planning to pick up this bubble bar and this bath oil to try!

There are a few additional Lush products that I like to use after a bath to continue the relaxation.

After washing my face, this rose water spray is everything. My roommate introduced me to this in college and it is like a spa treatment every time I use it. A few spritzes of this spray soothes the skin and preps for moisturizer. I also love this rose water spray by Mario Badescu which is a more affordable option.

Especially when it is winter and my skin is very dry, finishing off my relaxation routine with this massage bar to moisturize my skin is a must. It has my favorite relaxation scent (lavender) and it feels very luxurious. As soon as you rub it between your hands, the warmth of your skin will melt some of the product. It lasts a long time and is definitely multi-use.

Side Note: this melted all over my hands as I took this picture! Luxury I tell ya.

What's your favorite way to relax before the work week?



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