Highlight Heel of the Week v.3

Hi Everyone!

Short post this week- I'm in the middle of our hospital's budget season, but I still wanted to jump on and say hello! My short-term goal is to post consistently 1x per week, but I would love to get on a Monday-Wednesday schedule.

Eventually, these Highlight Heel of the Week posts are going to turn into Highlight Flats of the Week, unless you all comment down below with more comfortable heels that I can try!

This pair is an oldie, but a goodie. 

I bought these burgundy, faux suede pumps a few years ago at Target. At 3.5 inches, they do more for elongating your legs than a kitten heel, but are still manageable.

They were comfortable right away, although I still typically bring flats in my bag, because I can't handle my feet hurting and I get scared not having a back-up option.

I can't find this exact pair anymore, but the shoes I linked above are very similar and also found at Target for less than $30!

If you're curious how they look when I'm not cropping out my pajama pants (blogger secrets-ha!), I am wearing them in this and this post.

If you like finding affordable and comfortable shoes like me, you can also check out Highlight Heel of the Week v.1 and v.2!

Next week, I'll be gearing up to go to a conference for work and I'm hoping to make my next few posts all about conferences- what to wear, what I am packing, and tips for maximizing your trip!

Comment down below with your favorite work heels!


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