Highlight Heel of the Week v.4

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to hop on quickly and post a Highlight Heel of the Week (click this link to see past highlight heels). Even though I'm not quite finished with some longer career-focused posts that I'm working on, I still wanted to get something up for you guys. Also, in case you missed it-don't forget to check out last week's post where I shared my a few of my favorite time management tips!

Tonight, I'm profiling a non-heel pick from my favorite shoe store---Target! I don't know if you have perused the Target shoe aisle recently, but they are slaying the shoe game. Affordable, on-trend shoes and super high quality! I saw this shoe featured on a Youtube channel and bought them with little to no research.

The light blush color, the suede-like material, and a loafer that can be worn to work or with jeans? Count me in.

I didn't even realize until I was finding the link to these that they have a collapsible back! So you can wear them as more of a mule style shoe. Can't say I've tried that, but I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow for a more casual Friday work look.

I don't know about y'all, but this week has thrown me for a loop! As I mentioned in my most recent Instagram post, yesterday I definitely experienced a few hours of self-doubt, but I'm happy to say that my day turned around and ended in a really positive way. 

What I have been trying to keep in mind is that a career (and life) is a marathon, not a sprint. All you can do is make little improvements and positive decisions each week and try to worry less about the things you cannot control. I'm going into the weekend feeling super thankful for my family, friends, career and this blog! Thank you for reading and supporting me on this journey.

Until next week!


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