Mindful Moments v.2: Headspace

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from my Ireland-England vacation and my blogging & social media break. As I explained in my last blog post, I took some time off to truly recharge and enjoy my time away with my husband while we explored Ireland and spent quality time with my family in England.

I am back feeling refreshed and ready to get back to blogging! It took me a few days to get caught up at work, but now I'm definitely back in the swing of things.

But real talk... I was pretty psyched out to go back to work and get back on the grind after two weeks of relaxation. Talk about Sunday Scaries?! Back when I started working, I really struggled with switching off at night. I am already a night owl by nature, but my mind was often spinning at night with my to-do list and any other worries or self-doubt I may be experiencing.

It isn't always an easy transition to working full-time or handling any type of life transition. It waws definitely challenging for me, so I had to employ some tools to help me find balance and get the rest I needed.

My mom, who is a psychiatrist, told me about an app called Headspace and recommended that I try it out. I am typically pretty stubborn when my mother suggests something, but as we all know...moms are sometimes always right. One night when I was lying in bed feeling wired, I downloaded it and gave it a shot.

Headspace is simply a meditation app. The app is free to download and you can try their Level 1 series which is ten 10-minute sessions that teach you the basics of meditation. I never thought meditation was that helpful, but GUYS. It works. Every night I did this, I would become so relaxed that I would fall asleep before the 10 minutes was up. There were definitely some nights where it would take me a little longer to get settled in and focused, but it always works! There were still times where thoughts would still pop back up during the meditation, but what the sessions teach you is that it is ok for your mind to wander, as long as you recognize it and then focus back on your breathing and mindfulness.

Headspace also has sessions specifically for Sleep, Managing Anxiety, Stress, Change, Anger, Finding Focus, Creativity, you name it! These are all premium, paid packages, but I think I saw that they are running a deal for a little over $50 for a year of the premium content.

I haven't subscribed to the premium version, but I would definitely consider it, especially if I ever experienced trouble sleeping again! But for now, I really like doing one of the free 10-minute sessions if I ever need a "mindful moment".

If you want to read my first volume of Mindful Moments on my favorite Lush products for creating an at-home spa experience, click here. I'll continue to periodically share ways that I recharge and find balance in this series!

Have you tried meditation? Do you believe the hype? 


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