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Hello Friends!

It has been a little while since I've posted on the H&H blog. I have truly missed blogging, but this past month I have learned that when things get hectic in life, all you can do is prioritize and not beat yourself up if you don't get to everything on your to-do list.

Tonight, I'm having my first evening where I truly feel back to our semi-normal life. I thought for my first blog post back, I would share a quick life update to let you in on what has been going on with me!

As I have shared a few times on the Healthcare and Heels Instagram, Hunter and I have been house hunting since mid-July after we returned from our trip to England and Ireland. Over two weeks we looked at about 15-20 houses and went back to look at two of the houses several times.

We loved house hunting, but it was a pretty exhausting process! Every night after work and every weekend we were doing open houses and house tours with our real estate agent. I am planning to do a First Time Homebuyer's Lessoned Learned post in the upcoming weeks, because I truly feel like we've had a crash course in real estate.

With all that being said, we are super thrilled that we found a house that we love and we officially closed on our first home this past Friday! We are now in the process of getting some small renovations done while we still have our rental house and we will move into the new house in mid-October. I sit hear typing as unpacked boxes stare back at me and I pretend we don't have hours of packing ahead of us. I just want to keep basking in the relief of closing on our house for a few more  days!

During this time, I also began interviewing for a new job within my organization. It was a pretty quick turnaround and I am very lucky that my current bosses were very supportive of me taking this opportunity. Being able to interview and discuss succession planning openly took away an immense amount of stress during this process. I applied for the new position, had six interviews and accepted the job all within a two-week period! It was a whirlwind.

While juggling interviews and home inspections, I was also coming to the end of the biggest project of my career which had me working 12- hours days for a week straight (including Labor Day weekend) during the final stretch. Everything went very well, but I think it took me until this week to truly feel back to normal with my sleep schedule.

We have also traveled two of the last four weekends celebrating some of my best friends' engagements, so of course that has meant a lot of eating out and no semblance of a workout routine (which discourages me that I have let that fall lower on my priority list than I would like).

Lastly, we had a HURRICANE heading straight for North Carolina that looked like it could impact our area worse than it ever had in past storms. All of last week, our hospital was in emergency management mode, but luckily our area was not severely impacted by the storm. Unfortunately, eastern North Carolina got hit very badly, bearing the brunt of the storm.

So that's what has been going on with me, and now life is starting to feel a little more manageable again. I am in the last week my current position and will begin my new job on October 1. We can pack at our own pace and are so excited to embark on home improvement projects, buying furniture and decor for our home. Although life has felt crazy at times the past month, I am so grateful for all of the exciting opportunities we have had and I am embracing this time in our lives.

This weekend we are off to Pittsburgh to visit one of my best friends, Julie, and her fiance for a weekend getaway. I plan to eat, drink and enjoy some Pirates baseball to celebrate the last month of hard work.

I'm excited to get back to regular blogging and will be back soon with more career-focused content and the latest installment of Women Who Work. 

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